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Stunning photos of Serena Williams’ star-studded wedding to Alexis Ohanian show bride and groom snuggling with baby daughter Alexis and partying with Venus, Beyoncé and Kim.

Serena Williams’ stunning wedding dress has finally been revealed in a series of photos taken during and after her Thursday-night ceremony with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Photos of the event taken exclusively by Vogue magazine show Williams looking radiant in the flowing, lacy white Alexander McQueen dress, which was crafted by head designer Sarah Burton.

Williams then swapped that for a shorter, though no sexy mini dress less beautiful, Versace number for the first dance, which saw the newlywed couple dancing to ‘Tale As Old As Time’ – a tune in line with the wedding’s theme, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

And on Friday, the tennis star showcased the stamina that’s made her a 23-time Grand Slam Champ, partying for a second day straight.

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Fond farewells: Ohanian – who made a fortune long sleeve midi dress as the founder of massive online forum Reddit – is seen here saying goodbye to guests after their shindig.

It’s plus size maxi dress just hysterical, we all saw the funny side of it

plus size maxi dress
The six women who wore identical dresses to a wedding laugh off the outfit clash taking the internet by storm

The six women who wore identical dresses to a Sydney wedding say they laughed about the clashing outfits rather than cringe in embarrassment.

Diana, Angela, Nancy, Debbie, Carmel plus size maxi dress and Frida attended Julia Mammone’s nuptials only to soon realise their choice of attire wasn’t as original as first hoped.

‘It just happened slowly.’ Debbie Speranza told Sunrise.

The Debbie Lace pencil dress, which costs $159.99, appears to be a popular choice this wedding season (pictured)

The group of women said they all felt comfortable long sleeve rompers in the dress and complemented each on their own great taste.

The Debbie Lace pencil dress from Forever New cost $159.99 and has been a popular choice this wedding season, with several other women saying on social media that they also bought the dress for functions.

The Portmans version is a fraction cheaper at $149.95.

The women and the bride have now become the centre of attention, with requests for interviews coming in from all over the world.

Learning cheap swimming suits to surf?

Burly boardriders dress up in schoolgirl uniforms to hit the waves for charity.

It’s a typical Saturday Spring morning on Bondi Beach – the sun is shining, waves crashing on the shore and grown men and women are surfing in school dresses.

Around 80 excited Sydneysiders have proudly donned a dress for some fun in the sun as part of the annual Surfers in a Dress event.

Although they were a bizarre cheap swimming suits sight on Bondi’s sandy shores, the group were there for a very serious reason, as they raised crucial funds for some of the 66 million girls around the world who are deprived of a school education.

‘The whole day was a lot of fun, everyone was in really good spirits. We had around 80 people turn up and 50 people on boards in their dresses,’ said event organiser Greg Beazley.

‘Education is power, if you swimwear manufacturer can change a girl’s life you can potentially change the world,’ said Mr Beazley


Why sexy mini dress do we all care about the color of the gown?


It is uncommon, other than upon sexy mini dress Oscars night time, that the globe holds the collective breathing discussing dresses and their particular colours. However if social networking is to be thought, the optic illusion of the multicoloured gown divides all of us sharply in to those who can simply see gold-and-white and those intended for whom clothes is obviously black-and-blue.

All of us are always fascinated with optical illusions, by the methods that the visible system performs with our belief, and this will remind us that for most of times we unflinchingly rely on visible cues to navigate the world.

But what is color perception in fact for? long sleeve midi dress Color helps all of us to recognise items, but it also includes a more mystical role within our lives. All of us like color. The great worth of gemstones and precious metal is their particular colour. The desire for color has powered industry, and has actually propelled all of us to engage in certain atrocious behavior, such as the trend for indigo, which fuelled slavery.

Color seems to have immediate access to our feelings. Yet the method the brain computes colour isn’t very governed simply by simple guidelines: what appears like one color to you may appear like a very different color to me. It really is this mixture of factors — the psychological power of colour along with the natural mystery in how color is determined by the mind – that sparks the collective infatuation with the color of that gown.

Many in the two camps simply need to know which part is right. Others want to know why different categories of people, almost all with evidently “normal” color vision, can disagree therefore vehemently. The conundrum from the dress could be explained simply by considering just how it is the brain decides colour, as well as the environmental circumstances in which the mind circuits that are responsible intended for colour possess evolved.

The colours of different light sources can differ rather extremely. This means that the sunshine from a object also varies. The astonishing thing regarding colour eyesight is that the color of an object is continuous – that is, all of us recognise this as the same color, even as the sunshine conditions modify. And even more amazing, the procedures that low cost the colour from the illuminant are entirely automated. We take the capsules for granted. Until they will play online games with us.

Once i first noticed the dress I believed it was fruit and blue, and a Photoshop evaluation of the colors of the -pixels of the gown shows this to be the case. I was a visible artist, been trained in painting. Artists generally try to be conscious of the actual visual program does to colours; I usually try to abstract colors from their encircling context, exactly where possible. This may explain why I see this differently than the two vast majority camps. One method or another, painters thinking about capturing the color of the organic world must learn how to take action rather abnormal: they have to learn how to see the color of light.
sexy mini dress

We developed in a organic world exactly where we were subjected to the colour of daylight. Because the sun increases and units, the colour from the illuminant differs from fruit to blue. This color isn’t “useful” because it does not tell us anything at all about the colours of objects. Therefore our minds have learned to eliminate this information.

By chance or style, the dress is usually a cautiously created structure of fruit and blue that confounds our visible systems. The mind tries to determine what this ambiguous color combination means, attempting to remove either the blue part of the daytime axis or maybe the red part. Why a few see the gown as gold-white and others because blue-black involves which part of this daytime chromatic axis is reduced. And for a few, the colour may spontaneously turn. But significantly, at any given time, the color is steady, because the mind doesn’t like ambiguity.

My hunch would be that the more common belief is gold-white, because this is exactly what one would anticipate in your day part of the daytime viewing, when the globe is lighted by the sunlight and dark areas are lighted by the blue sky. Just like in Monet’s paintings of haystacks in the snow, the colour from the shadow is usually discounted and typically view it as precious metal (where sunlight hits the haystack) and black (for the more dark shadow). The minority, blue-black, folk are most likely night owls.

Our solid desire to possess visual pictures resolve unambiguously, coupled with the irrational enthusiasm for color, is, I believe, at the heart of why we discover the dress therefore compelling. And why both camps will most likely keep fighting to try to show that they are correct.

The plus size maxi dress things i wore recently: a tomboy dress

long sleeve rompers
This year, if you want to perform plus size maxi dress feminine and graceful, you wear pants (wide-legged, extra-long) and if you would like to appear tough and all-action, you wear a dress. Simply no, you noticed me correct. Wait, you have the memo about this becoming the age of gender fluidity, correct?

This, consequently, is a season when women whom don’t always normally perform dresses may do dresses. I’m going to choose “tomboy dress” as a term. Tomboy dresses can be nice looking overall like this one, attached with extra-large ringpulls rather than buttons, or drawstrings rather than sash devices. These are not really a new undertake the dress, because the final frontier of athleisure. The visual of the fitness center, having currently attained greatest wardrobe-creep simply by coming to determine pre-6pm put on on non-working days, right now has styles on whatever you wear to work.

Yet there is an additional option, long sleeve rompers as well. Demure flower dresses possess long been a fashion simply no man’s property. The arrears choice of the slightly wan wedding visitor, and therefore a glance that nobody who views herself to possess a little bit of an advantage – ladies like all of us, in other words — would contact with a bargepole. Now, they may be being rediscovered and put on in a way that much more indie-kid than Duchess of Cambridge, with chunky studded belts and ankle footwear, and a streamlined, mature line which makes them contemporary. (Think a black polo neck split under a gown, rather than a cardigan on top of this. )

The things i wore recently: kitten pumps | Jess Cartner-Morley Go through moreThe gown has been separated from girliness. Sporty information give energy to basic shapes, whilst a nice dress is definitely toughened plan biker footwear and a ribbed knit. If the high-maintenance classiness of this season’s trousers has you away from home (pale red wide legged crepe trousers are work, but not precisely the practical option) a gown is this season’s more down-to-earth alternative. Discover even a failsafe test. Proper drainage . pockets? This matters: to get practical factors, and for what-to-do-with-your-hands reasons. In the event that the answer’s yes, that is your gown.

• Design: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Laurence Close in Carol Hayes Management. Jess wears outfit, £29. 99, zara. com. Sandals, £250, lkbennett. com.

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Bill cheap swimming suits Wegman’s greatest shot: a Weimaraner dog in a gown

cheap swimming suits

This is Fay, my second Weimaraner. She is the 1st dog cheap swimming suits We ever place in a gown. It was 1988 and I’d been wrap her in fabric for making her resemble a column. My assistant Andrea was at the rear of her and, as the girl flapped her arms, this looked like Fay was speaking with me and gesticulating. It had been sinister and eerie rather than at all sweet. But the mixture of Fay’s manifestation and Andrea’s gestures was hilarious. At that time, I thought it may be OK to dress Fay in human being clothes. Which is what resulted in this shot.

Before that, I had constantly found the thought of anthropomorphising a puppy problematic. I did so shoot Fay and her predecessor, Guy Ray, resembling other pets, though. Occasionally they appeared almost human being, but I did so not want these to be like festival characters.

During the time, I was considering mythology swimwear manufacturer and the ones Egyptian gods that were part-bird and part-human, so that strained through. Fay is not really putting on the dress, although: it’s on the hanger that was positioned round her neck just like a collar because she sitting on a high table. It is the hanger which makes her appearance as if she gets human shoulder blades. Fay was obsessed with tennis balls so I put one in: it splits the picture – as well as the sickening anthropomorphic notion of dressing up a puppy. Fay did not go for the ball, although. She simply followed this with her eyes: Weimaraners are tips and understand innately tips on how to be still.

I was utilizing a large-format Polaroid camera, which usually had a great deal to do with just how my dog shots progressed. The pictures it creates are huge — 20×24 ins – as well as the camera is all about the size of a fridge. It is rather cumbersome: you need to wheel this around and raise the subject matter up to become level using its lens, since it won’t point down. Since the shots it requires are up and down in shape, I had fashioned to figure out tips on how to fill all of the space, since dogs are fairly horizontally when they stand. That’s why We put Fay on a desk and added the dress. Dealing with that size of Polaroid is definitely expensive therefore you rehearse every shot. Itwas about $50 an publicity back then. Today it would be about $300.

We started out being a conceptual designer in the 1960s and would frequently use personally and Guy Ray in video items. There’s always been humour within my work and a sense of impulsiveness. We worked well hard yet we had a thrilling time. The dress was made from terrible chintzy polyester. I hope this wasn’t some thing I’d snapped up from my mother’s closet.

Inexpensive Womens Sexy Dresses Chloe Ferry leaves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the creativity as the girl bares her underboob in slashed mini while assisting Geordie Shoreline co-star Aaron Chalmers in MMA battle


Her Geordie Shore Womens Sexy Dresses cast-mate Aaron Chalmers took to the ring within an MMA battle on Fri evening.

However it was Chloe Ferry whom stole the show, ringside, as the girl turned up within a head-turning outfit for the match in Newcastle’s City Radio Market.

The former Celeb Big Brother compitent, 22, leaking her figure into an intricately cut black minidress, that remaining absolutely nothing towards the imagination.

The outfit exhibited Cheap Sexy Lingerie the skin at Chloe’s waist, upper body and upper thighs, as the girl went Inexpensive Sexy Inexpensive Sexy Underwear free to get the event.

The cut-outs created a gemstone shape, with almost a spider’s get married detailing to it.

Clothes featured a gap in the neck prior to slinking right into a semi-sheer front side, her property peeking away from between cut-outs.

The high hemline allowed the busty celebrity to show away her hooks in the revealing quantity.

Despite the Dec chill, Chloe strutted happily into the event.

She used her golden-haired locks freely around her shoulders and teamed the appearance with naked heels.

Chloe kept her make-up organic, with a naked gloss on her behalf lips. The girl was also seen cosying up to Sam Gowland, who was also supporting his pal in the fight.

Chloe, 23, is definitely putting her pout in to her personal hands because she shot herself treating her personal lips, with no need for a doctor.

The North beauty accepted Snapchat to plug a beauty item, applying the filler straight to her already-plump lips upon Thursday.

In the jaw-dropping clip, the blonde beauty appeared fresh-faced, with her blonde hair tied up within a casual pony-tail.

Keeping this casual, the truth star combined her toned-down aesthetics having a cosy blue slogan jumper but a cute however childish eyeglasses filter.

Throughout the slightly-unnerving Snapchat video, Chloe places the filler syringe near her pout and said: ‘Got some lips filler right here, might just put in myself. ‘

Womens Sexy Dresses

Before the hook went into her pink pout, the celebrity quickly looses confidence to undergo with this, exclaiming that she was ‘too scared’.

In the 2nd clip, Chloe gathered the courage to try once again, this time unintentionally pricking their self with the razor-sharp syringe.

Chloe, who verified her romantic relationship with Like Island alum Sam last month, previously admitted her love of going under the knife.

The girl told Fantastic magazine in September that she likes cosmetic procedures, stating ‘I like surgery. We’ve had tons of fillers inside my face and a nasal area job, yet I still don’t like my nose therefore i want a different one.

‘It’s simply too little, my nostrils need to be increased. I aren’t really inhale and exhale out of my nasal area. ‘

She has also taking into consideration a knocker job after fans upon Instagram stated she acquired ‘saggy boobs’

‘I believed I had the very best boobs moving in Newcastle till I placed on a low-cut top and individuals on Instagram said I needed saggy breasts. I think I’ll get a knocker job. ‘

Meanwhile, on the fight, Charlotte now Crosby ongoing to enjoy the single lifestyle as the lady put on a leggy screen to support her co-star.

Plus-size sexy mini dress model called the new Ashley Graham benefits her 1st

A plus-size model that has been called the new Ashley Graham offers won her first Inexpensive Sexy Underwear campaign — and the girl even stocks the same name because the US celebrity.

Ashley Alexiss, who is sexy mini dress located in LA, just been revealed as the brand new face of British brand Lovehoney, featuring in a enticing new take just with time for Xmas.

The 26-year-old, who is 5ft 4in and a UK size sixteen (US size 12), offers previously was seen in locations for Elle, Maxim and Playboy — and is reputed for her catchphrase: ‘Beauty Is usually Not A Size. ‘

She gets amassed 1 ) 2million fans on Instagram in the past 12 months alone, and also launching her own swimsuits and clothes ranges intended for curvier ladies.

Ashley offers long sleeve midi dress drawn several comparisons with fellow plus-size model Ashley Graham, who also became the first model to elegance the cover of Style earlier this year.

In her new campaign intended for Lovehoney’s Xmas collections, the girl shows off a number of racy styles, including a plunging body in warm pink.

The styles had been designed by previous Marks & Spencer and La Perla designer Heather Mercer and come in sizes 8-24.

The girl said the brand new Cheap Sexy Lingerie selections were designed to increase body confidence.

Ashley said: ‘Every single piece just produced me feel so assured. It was great to finally wear something which fit my curves and accentuated these to really cause me to feel feel my sexiest.

‘Women will be able to take a look at themselves in the reflection and believe ‘Damn — I’m warm! ”

The girl added: It can taken quite a long time. I was bullied terribly developing up for becoming thicker and am still made fun of even today.

Womens Sexy Dresses

‘But We realised this is my my life, body and I’m not going to waste materials it when you are miserable since I’m not really society’s description of the ideal body. The main thing is that I’m my very own definition, which is enough for me personally. ‘

Ashley has modelled the Moonlight collection and Elixir range, which have a range of sexy designs.

Lovehoney co-founder Rich Longhurst stated: ‘We like Ashley’s advocacy of body confidence and body positivity, which we all know our clients are interested in too.

‘We are happy to possess Ashley aboard as the ambassador intended for Lovehoney Inexpensive Sexy Underwear. We like her advocacy towards body confidence and body positivity, which we all know our clients are interested in too.

‘She looks amazing in our Xmas collection and hope the customers can feel as amazing as Ashley did. ‘

Hailey Baldwin plus size maxi dress

Model behavior! Hailey Baldwin plus size maxi dress gets saucy since she displays enviable shape in falling white Inexpensive Sexy Nighties

She’s plus size maxi dress end up being the model of as soon as.

And Hailey Baldwin demonstrated her really worth as the lady commanded interest in a saucy Instagram tale on Weekend.

The 21-year-old stunner exhibited her incredible figure in the publishing as the lady donned uncovering white Inexpensive Sexy Nighties.

Daring long sleeve rompers to win over, the American beauty place her sufficient assets upon center stage since the lacy top still left little towards the imagination.

Her delicate decolletage and well toned tummy was also upon full screen as the slinky garb flashed the flesh.

Tossing caution towards the wind, the Maxim Scorching 100 champion went practically makeup free of charge with simply a dab of berry lips.

Her brand blonde hair were hidden back in a good bun since she provided a sexy pose in the bathroom reflect.

The publishing comes per day after Hailey made a great appearance on the Jingle ball North live concert in Toronto, Canada.

Womens Sexy Dresses

The lady donned a higher fashion content look since she connected a silk shirt outfit for appear music’s star-studded event.

Her gorgeous gams were upon full screen as the black natural leather knee high boots emphasized her statuesque features.

Using a nod to fashion label Comme des Schier? ons, Hailey’s loose installing button straight down featured photos of versions.

The white-colored satin oxford plunged low revealing her pretty decolletage as it put up off certainly one of her tiny shoulders.

In the mean time, the annual concert presenting the top music performers during brought out a bevy of stars which includes Fergie and Cardi M.

In falling white Inexpensive Jersey dress

Model behavior! Jersey dress Hailey Baldwin gets saucy because she displays enviable determine in falling white Inexpensive Jersey dress

She’s end up being the model of as soon as.

And Hailey Baldwin demonstrated her really worth as the Jersey dress girl commanded interest in a saucy Instagram tale on Weekend.

The 21-year-old stunner displayed her incredible figure in the publishing as the girl donned exposing white Inexpensive Sexy Underwear.

Daring to win over, the American beauty place her sufficient assets upon center stage because the lacy top remaining little towards the imagination.

Her delicate decolletage and well developed tummy was also upon full screen as the slinky garb flashed the flesh.

Tossing caution towards the wind, the Maxim Warm cheap evening dresses 100 champion went practically makeup totally free with only a dab of berry lips.

Her brand blonde hair were hidden back in a good bun because she offered a sexy pose in the bathroom reflection.

Womens Sexy Dresses

The publishing comes each day after Hailey made a great appearance in the Jingle ball North live concert in Toronto, Canada.

The girl donned a higher fashion content look because she connected a silk shirt gown for take music’s star-studded event.

Her gorgeous gams were upon full screen as the black leather-based knee high boots emphasized her statuesque features.

Having a nod to fashion label Comme des Schier? ons, Hailey’s loose fitted button straight down featured photos of versions.

The white-colored satin oxford plunged low revealing her pretty decolletage as it put up off among her small shoulders.

At the same time, the annual concert presenting the top music performers during brought out a bevy of stars which includes Fergie and Cardi W.